Kids Talk

It is amazing the effect getting outdoors, with the family can have on the soul. In today’s day and age, it is far too easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of a technology fuelled life and forget about the simple things in life. By simple, I mean bringing...

The Ultimate Present

The Ultimate Present? Your Presence Christmas, birthdays and other celebrations are crazy times of year for parents and children. In the ‘perfect Facebook family’ posts, we see happy holidays, everyone smiling and an abundance of colourful trimmings. From the antics...

A spin on Autism

These are all terms we hear these days in relation to ASD – Autistic Spectrum Disorder. But do you really know what these mean? Are we doing enough as a society to understand this disorder and the legends that are diagnosed with ASD?  ALL the work I do both at the gym...

Why I developed Bust-a-Burpee

I’ve been involved in some form of physical fitness since I was a child, always out and about, pursuing many outdoor endeavours.  I love feeling strong and fit, even as a teacher, I enjoyed getting my class up and out of the classroom and exercising as an alternative...

Leading by Example

Recently, a friend mentioned in passing that her three year old had said to her, “Put your phone down Mummy and play with me.” My friend confided, that this was a reality check, as she realised she had been half parenting - that her focus had become her phone and...


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