Family First Fitness

Kids on the move

In a world full of fast food, fitness fads and computer screens, Bust-a-Burpee is a breath of fresh air, literally! Our kids are our future, let’s make it a fun, fit and healthy one!

Why Bust-a-Burpee?

At Bust-a-Burpee, we are all about family. Our goals are to get your family up and moving and help you all smash your own personal goals! Our program is the genuine, buy one, get one free! While the kids are smashing it out and having a blast with PT Wongy, the parents also have the opportunity to train for free in our state of the art facility. A parent’s fitness program coincides with Bust-a-Burpee, totally free!!! What better way to set an example for your kids than for them to see you all getting off the couch!

We all know the health benefits of exercise and we all know how important it is for kids development to be active. What we know at Bust-a-Burpee is that your kids are your world. Let’s all get healthy together and stay in it a lot longer!


Developed by leading teachers and fitness industry experts, this program turns learning on its head, literally!

Family First Fitness

Your family's ultimate fitness playground

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