Maths on the move

In a growing age of technology, fast food and a result-driven education system, the number of children engaging in physical activity is dropping, along with their intrinsic curiosity and love of learning.

Why your school will love Bust-a-Burpee?

A Bust-a-Burpee mathematics incursion, will get the whole school up and moving through physical challenges and buzzing with new excitement! The outdoor activities are all-inclusive and the fun quickly overrides any maths anxiety or fear of new learning. By moving through mathematical concepts, children with behavioural concerns, quickly become the most engaged students, and the open-ended problem solving allows quieter, abstract thinkers to shine without the limitations of traditional pencil and paper equations.

With a background of 15 years in the classroom, passion for special needs and love of all things fitness, it’s hard not to get caught up in Michelle’s absolute zest for life and enthusiasm for Mathematics and burpees.

Maths and burpees might sounds like an unlikely combination, but it’s one proving a hit with primary school-children, getting maths up and moving!

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