Does ‘free time’ mean ‘screen time’ in your house?

Did you know that the government recommendations for children aged 5 -12 is to limit screen time to less than 2 hours a day?

SCARY STATISTIC: Only 1 in 10 children currently reach this recommendation

Bust-a-Burpee has something for every child! Our programs are all based around games

and challenges, so all children are excited to be involved and have a blast while exercising.

Our unique program, also includes free adult training at the same time. The kids absolutely LOVE seeing Mum and Dad getting involved. The whole family going to the gym together!

Benefits of Bust-A-Burpee

  • We provide you with the opportunity to have fun and exercise together as a family!
  • Exercise makes everyone feel good, we will get the endorphins flowing
  • A great exercise session often leads to quality relaxation as you reward yourself for looking after yourself and family
  • Fun + movement + family = Bust-a-Burpee and our families are happy families! Happy=improved self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Being active reduces anti-social behaviour such as aggression and disruptive actions
  • Bust-a-Burpee focuses on teamwork and cooperation, important life skills
  • Families that are active benefit from better concentration and better management of stress and anxiety

More Information

The Australian Government Department of Health recommends that children aged 5-12 years of age should accumulate at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity each day. They also recommend activities that strengthen muscle and bone at least three days each week.

There is also a misguided belief that children should not participate in any strength work involving lifting or carrying objects as their muscles and bones are still growing. The Department of Health now recognises the benefits of strength development in children for the following future health benefits:

  • Prevent and control heart disease and type 2 diabetes
  • Manage blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol
  • Improve posture, mobility and balance
  • Maintain functional status and the ability to do everyday activities

More information on all of the above can be found at The Australian Department of Health website.

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