Michelle offers a wide range of parenting workshops for schools, parent associations and community groups.

Michelle’s presentations are a wealth of practical knowledge and take home tips, teamed with some hilarious anecdotes that all parents can relate too.

  • Surviving the School Holidays
  • Healthy Home Hacks
  • Bouncing Boys
  • Routine is King, Boundaries are Queen
  • The 3 M’s, Mindest, Motivation and Mantras

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Does ‘free time’ mean ‘screen time’ in your house?

Did you know that the government recommendations for children aged 5 -12 is to limit screen time to less than 2 hours a day?

SCARY STATISTIC: Only 1 in 10 children currently reach this recommendation

‘Michelle’s parenting workshops provide take home, practical strategies to assist in making your household more harmonious and healthier. With the perfect combination of facts, fun, humour and hands on activities, everyone is bound to take home valuable and practical knowledge.

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