Bust-a-Burpee Founder – Michelle Wong

Michelle is a researcher for Curtin University’s Autism Research Group. She is an award winning, experienced, leading teacher. Michelle is renowned for her classroom management, engagement with students and culture building within the schools she has worked in.

Having presented at the Future Kids Conference, Peel Bright Minds seminars, parenting workshops, classroom teacher support and mentorship, along with Professional Learning programs, Michelle is highly regarded in her field.

With a vast background in research, education, fitness and corporate business, Michelle brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.


Bust-a-Burpee is a Strength-Based Mathematics program, written around the Australian curriculum. The program flips maths education on it’s head, literally! The children are thoroughly engaged in their learning through a variety of physical activities that assist with the following:

  • Anxietybust-a-burpee school progrm
  • Learning needs
  • Behavioural needs
  • Academic stress
  • Childhood obesity
  • School engagement

The Bust-a-Burpee philosophy is a simple one to understand:

  1. Get the children out of their seats
  2. Remove the focus from the stress of academic performance/success
  3. Apply learning to everyday life for long term learning and establishment of strategies to cope in future, relatable situations

Please see below for programs on offer or contact us for bookings and further information.

Course What’s Included DURATION NUMBERS
Bust-a-Burpee in school sessions – Kids and staff will have a blast! High energy sessions based on specific mathematical outcomes in line with your schools current program. Students receive a ‘Busta Pack’ and follow up project booklet 60 minute blocks, (min 2 block booking) Max 30 students per session
 Bust-a-Burpee in school DAY – Get the whole school up and moving! High energy sessions based on specific mathematical outcomes in line with your schools current program. Students receive a ‘Busta Pack’ and follow up project booklet  4 x 1hr blocks Max 30 students per session
Teacher PD staff meeting – Perfect for a full calendar, looking to give maths and staff members an energised boost! A summarised session based on classroom management and benefits of incorporating movement in the classroom  2hr  Uncapped
Teacher PD Day – The whole kit and kaboodle!  A full day program designed to help staff rejuvenate mathematics in the classroom, plan effectively and create a dynamic classroom based on ‘Bust-a-Burpee’ principles. 9am-3pm  Uncapped
Professional Development Seminar  Program especially devised to fit in with the outcomes and themes of the seminar.From movement to management to maths.  TBA  Uncapped

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Developed by leading teachers and fitness industry experts, this program turns learning on its head, literally!

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