Thank you once again for the session it has provoked many ideas in the
educators and inspired the children to continue with the fun today.
Attached are some photos from yesterday’s session.
Kind regards,

Michelle Pickering, Centre Manager Play’s Kool Halls Head

Michelle brings learning to life!
 Professor Lyn Beazley OA, former Western Australian of the Year and Chief Scientist

Bust-a-Burpee is such a great concept! Getting children moving, outside, in the fresh air whilst consolidating their maths knowledge, has been a fantastic program to be involved in!”

Peta, Year 5 Teacher

Bust-a-Burpee was a great experience because it was all about maths. The best part about Bust-a-Burpee was the fact that it was sport and outside.
Wesley – student

I like Bust-a-Burpee because we can do push-ups and lunges outside and do maths as well.
James – student

I enjoyed Bust-a-Burpee because it makes maths fun! I also loved that it included exercises and games outside.
Chase – student

I enjoyed getting fit and learning at the same time!”
Mika – student 

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