Thank you once again for the session it has provoked many ideas in the
educators and inspired the children to continue with the fun today.
Attached are some photos from yesterday’s session.
Kind regards,

Michelle Pickering, Centre Manager Play’s Kool Halls Head

“My son has been training with Michelle for probably coming up for a year now. Her dedication and enthusiasm for working with the Busta Burpee kids is infectious and he always comes out of each class sweaty, red faced and she always works them hard. Would really recommend them to anyone looking at an alternate sport for their child.”
Suzanne – Mother

“My son has only been a couple of times but he loooooves it and looks forward to the next class! He’s a shy boy and very quiet so to see him running around having so much fun with the other kids is so good. Now my eldest boy wants to join because he thinks it looks like so much fun! Highly recommend busta burpee!!

Melissa – Mother

“My son has improved in confidence so much, now he asks to go upside down, before he started he hated it! Michelle is so patient and encourages them to become the best they can”
Skye – Mother

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