I’ve been involved in some form of physical fitness since I was a child, always out and about, pursuing many outdoor endeavours.  I love feeling strong and fit, even as a teacher, I enjoyed getting my class up and out of the classroom and exercising as an alternative form of learning.
My passion for exercise and fitness resulted in me completing my Fitness Certificates, but more importantly – I decided to combine my teaching experience with exercise to create Bust-a-Burpee.
Every day in my teaching role, I would see overweight children and children with lunchboxes full of processed food.  I also learnt how easy it was to lead by example and empower children with the knowledge to make their own healthy choices, even if they aren’t the ones doing the shopping. It is for this reason that I am passionate about the STEP program here in Mandurah, but more about that in another blog!
As a mother to a now 3 year old, I wanted to ensure my son grew up in a healthy world, surrounded by good choices and good examples of food and exercise.
Sadly, we live in a world where the ‘norm’ for many children is playing on electronic devices and eating from packets. It doesn’t help that many foods are marketed and packaged as a ‘healthy choice’ when many of these products are high in sugar, in some cases containing as much sugar as junk food. It also doesn’t help that the main role models in kids lives are often seen with a phone or device in their hand.
It is a sad statistic, especially here in Australia where we have more open spaces than many countries, that physical activity is on the decline.  As a society, there are many external pressures, whether these are based on a need for high academic performance or a fear of dangerous situations for our children whilst outside playing. The bottom line is, many children don’t get to simply run and play outside.

I have also noticed a definite need for a physical program for children that was engaging and inclusive for everyone, especially the kids not interested in team sports such as football, basketball and netball.

Bust-a-Burpee has been devised from an educational and academic background, as a program that is fun, exciting, physically challenging and educational for kids. We don’t heavily promote the educational benefits as we don’t want the kids thinking they’re coming to tutoring or maths lessons, but the program is founded on educational principles with emphasis on the development of both gross and fine motor skills coordination.

I also wanted Bust-a-Burpee to get the whole family up and moving and to provide parents with the opportunity to lead by example. Here is where we are also unique, as Bust-a-Burpee is a buy one, get one free deal! While the kids are smashing it out and having a blast with me, the parents also have the opportunity to train for free in the Family First Fitness, state of the art facility. A parent’s fitness program coincides with Bust-a-Burpee, totally free!

What better way to set an example for the kids than for them to see the whole family getting off the couch!  Even the babies and toddlers get to watch mum and dad working out – all learning from the examples of their parents!  

I am passionate and proud of this program, and look forward to the next chapter of the Bust-a-Burpee in schools program. Watch this space!